"I have pretty sensitive skin and most cosmetics leave my face red and angry after a few days’s use. Lacréme Beauté has been a life saver!

After a long search for a natural products with quality ingredients I was thrilled to find this organic skincare range. I have all of the creams in the line and they leave my skin so supple and glowing! They moisturise so well and work their magic while being perfectly gentle on my skin. irritation gone! I am crazy about roses so the rose cream is my favourite, but it recently lost its spot to the 'FRESH CUT' perfume oil, It has the most intoxicating scent and everybody in the world asks me what perfume I am wearing."

Natalia Safran
Singer songwriter, Billboard Top 20 recording artist, music and film producer. 

"After a friends invitation to  I was truly hooked. My skin is on the dry side, I enjoy the outdoors, and living in California there is plenty of sunshine. Victoria’s products are incredibly nourishing and thankfully my skin has become more hydrated. I cherish my cucumber eye cream and the Bee Venom Rich Face Treatment Cream. My face drinks in the Rose Face Cream and I don’t hit the sheets without my rose lip balm. The Gold Glow Spray Oil for your body gives just the right amount of shine for a sun-kissed look. I now proudly wear her new 'Fresh Cut'  Perfume, it’s so feminine and pretty, and I am thrilled about that! I am truly a dedicated client. Victoria’s passionate about  her clients and her products…it’s nice to know all that love is going right into your skin."

Janet Gunn.  
The Grateful Gardenia. Lifestyle Blogger. Actress

I was intrigued when a beautiful friend mentioned to me that she used bee venom face cream.  Now that I have used if for many months I am in love!  

Friends (and strangers) are constantly telling me that my skin looks fabulous, glowing, smooth and years younger than my actual age.  I love the way the cream feels on my skin and how my fine lines and wrinkles seem to be fewer each day (no needles involved!).

Dr. Tanya Altmann, Pediatrician, best-selling parenting book author, medical correspondent and mom of 3 boys!

The Bee Venom Cream is so potent and soothing to the skin. I am a huge fan of the way it helps with anti-aging in a natural way.

Shiva Rose
Actress and activist

My friend Tatjana gave me the Bee Venom Mask, the Rose and Argan Oil and the Rose Cream for my birthday last year and I flipped for it. I like all natural products and my skin is dehydrated, so  it just drank it up, plus the products smell so good! I wanted more! I was fortunate to be invited to an event for Lacréme Beauté, and I was then introduced to all the other products. I love the Gold Oil, the  rich Face Treatment Cream and the Skin Revive. The whole line is the best I have found. The products are nourishing and luxurious and I wholeheartedly believe in them. My skin has done a complete turn -round and I am now a dedicated fan.

Kendall Conrad
Fashion Designer

"A friend first turned me onto the Superior Organic Bee Venom Rich Face Treatment Cream a few years ago and as someone who is very focused on my skin and products, I can whole heartedly say that this is one of my most cherished products in my routine. We also love the Superior Glow Hydrating Face Treatment - it’s incredible. My husband noticed the change in my skin and now he’s addicted too. We both get so many compliments on our skin and don’t know what we did before these amazing products!"

Jenni Kayne

As a career journalist, I am always a skeptic... But after using Lacréme Beauté for 8 solid months, and nothing else, I am now a believer. My skin, after years of using products from Chanel, La Prairie, and other expensive brands, has been transformed. Final confirmation came from the woman who does my facials and electrolysis, who sees my skin closer than anyone. "Lisa!" She said. "Your big pores! They're GONE!!" I've now thrown away everything else I've ever used and addicted to my Bee Venom Day Cream, my Rose Night Cream, and...most of all.. my Bee Venom Mask! I use the latter after I've put on the others sometimes..but also before I put on makeup or sunscreen and, always, always as I get on an airplane. Thank you, Victoria, for this amazing product line. So simple, so pure, so perfect.

Lisa McRee

I was introduced to Lacréme Beauté organic skincare range after a hot and sunny weekend in Palm Springs left my face dry and inflamed. The GLOW , ROSE face Oil and ROSE Cream felt like a drenching of moisture and calm. I have never stopped using this organic line since . I believe what we put in and on our bodies matters to our health and appearance. I am so happy I found this wonderful organic range, I even have the rose lip balm in my purse at all times!!

Daphne Zuniga
Actress/Environmentalist, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill
Founding Board member: Los Angeles River Revitalization Corp..

"I have been using Lacremé Beaute's  organic superior GLOW cream for several months which I apply daily to keep my skin radiant and hydrated through out the day. Within the first week of using the product I was receiving fantastic feedback on my skin from my friends and professionals within the beauty industry complementing how radiant my skin looked. My skin feels rejuvenated and has never felt more amazing & looked more amazing.
Lacreme Beaute is my favourite beauty product at the moment and a must have for every fabulous woman across the globe."

Kelly Hoppen MBE - November 2011

"I thought you would like this story, I was just running errands and I ran into one of my favourite sales people. We were riding up the escalator and he said "oh my gosh Jenny your skin looks amazing!" I reply " funny you should say tha,t I just started this amazing new skincare program that I just discovered in London." He says 'well you look incredible …..don't ever stop using it!' "

Jenny A. Moore

Caroiline Fleming, from Denmark's Next Top Model uses lacréme beauté's organic skincare.