About Us

Welcome into the world of  Lacrème Beauté.

A former model, and visionary entrepreneur. Victoria Galbraith Wachtel launched Lacrème Beauté with a new idea - relying on nature to use the most potent aspects of plants and essential oils to create a beauty product range that is truly active and effective. Harnessing the valuable powers of aromatherapy, the entire line works on many levels, with potent formulas that have scientifically proven benefits,
and scents that promote well-being. Lacrème Beauté is the organic answer to popular luxury skincare brands whose lab-made "active ingredients" and perfumes are often chemical based and toxic to the system and the environment. 
Lacrème Beauté wants to deliver to you organic skincare that truly works with your skin, bringing back skin health through hydration, elasticity, and regaining a glow and luminosity to your skin.
Lacréme Beauté is a very conscious brand, sourcing the best ingredients whenever possible.
With everything made in the uk in small batches, quality and freshness of product is always guaranteed.
With constant use of Lacrème Beauté's products, your skin will be fed and nurtured in a natural positive way, with astounding results.